tales from TIBET
Original jewelry from Tibet and Nepal
tales from TIBET
Original jewelry from Tibet and Nepal

Tibetan jewelry is influenced by Indian, Chinese and other Himalayan cultures.

Symbols on Tibetan jewelry usually come from Himalayan Buddhism, but may also contain Hindu and Islamic iconography.

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Whatever style of Tibetan Jewelry you wear, it is important to take a moment to reflect on what the jewelry represents. The rich cultural heritage that is inherent in handmade Tibetan jewelry, the historical significance of the materials that were carefully crafted into that Tibetan pendant, necklace, bracelet or ring. It is important to remember that wearing a Tibetan cultural piece requires respecting the art and the culture that it represents by respecting the jewelry itself.

´╗┐By purchasing and respectfully wearing traditional Tibetan jewelry art you are representing and supporting the continuation of an ancient Himalayan art form and the expression of a culture. So go ahead, find a piece of Tibetan jewelry that you are drawn to. Dive into the history and significance. Wear it and enjoy It with respect. And know that you are now part of its story.
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Tales from Tibet
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